Drawing of a deer standing on its hind legs playing with a large butterfly

The deer and the butterfly

”Rådjuret och fjärilen” The encounter between a roe deer and a butterfly. I had so much trouble with the colours, but after a five days of practice and some tutorials I ended up with this. I think I re-drew the entire piece two or three times until I finally settled with this version, which took …

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Målning över ett kalhygge


Det moderna skogsbruket — The modern forestry   Full res here Process:

Drawing of a red dragon in a bridle, not looking too pleased

Dragon mount

Dragons don’t like bridles Full res here. Progress:

Sketch of a sitting anthro deer in a black suit


Your local law enforcement got an upgrade. — I wanted to draw a deer with a nice suit. It turned weird really quick.

A sketch of a foal, drawn from the side


Skissträning Sketch practice

Drawing of a bright yellow-ish field, with a dark brown horse in the foreground, and a tree in the sunlight in the background. Dark woods fill the rest of the background.


Försökte måla av ett foto med aning ”extrema” färger. Ganska svårt.   ”Autumn colours” Tried to draw a photo with somewhat ”extreme” colours. Quite difficult. Progress:  

Drawing of a dark silver horse walking, seen from the side. Instead of a mane it has tooth like structures, coloured bright red-purple


Probably not your usual horse. Started out as a deer/horse/dragon mix thing but ended up as a horse, however that drawing was too boring so I changed it back and added some really saturated colour. Took way too long though, like 6-7 hours. Process below! Full size image: here.  

Svartvit målning av en pir mot öppet hav



A sketch of a doberman with a red background with a few shades of blue on the dog

A tint of blue

”Quick” sketch of a dog with some experimental colours